The right wine for the right time

With what flavour ?

Type de recettes:
Red fruit mix tiramisù
Caramelised apple and pear pie
Homemade melon sorbet and almond tuiles
Cherry and almond pie
Rosemary and honey apricot tartelettes
Almond rochers
Melty chocolate mug cake
Almond Speculoos muffins
Mango mousse
Lemon madeleines
Fresh mascarpone cheese and Speculoos
Chocolate macaroons
Lemon cake and icing
Galette des rois
Almond financiers
Roast figs and vanilla ice cream
Hazelnut pear crumble
Red berry cups
Pineapple crumble
Almond French toast with ice cream
Honey nut goat cheese croquettes
Velvety pumpkin soup with sautéed mushrooms
Vegetable and scrambled egg Asian wok
Velvety pumpkin soup with sautéed mushrooms
Asparagus pie
Vegetable and French-style mustard pie
Aubergine, dried tomato and goat cheese tartelette
Boursin cheese and leek soup
Tomato and French-style mustard pie
Mushroom soup
Cold avocado soup
Hazelnut cream courgette fleurette spaghetti
Carrot, grapefruit and turmeric soup
Red pepper soup
Cold beet soup
Italian panzanella-style bread salad with tomatoes and basil
Vegan spring salad
Roasted pepper salad
Courgette, parmesan and pine nut salad
Grated carrot and celery stalk salad
Grilled aubergine salad
Fromage frais courgette rolls
Crunchy Asian salad
Mushroom risotto
Butternut squash risotto
Carrot risotto
Tofu and asparagus fry up
Smoked vegetable and tofu chow mein
Vegetarian moussaka
Smoked tofu and sweet potato vegan fry up
Mangetout mishmash
Tomato confit, Comté cheese and mustard mini-cakes
Grilled Mediterranean vegetable mix
Veggie maki rolls
Asparagus gratin
Spicy guacamole
Mediterranean vegetable mix flan
White asparagus flan
Vegetable couscous
Vegan aubergine chilli
Pesto puff pastries
Courgette crumble
Mediterranean vegetable cake
Stuffed mushrooms
Olive, hazelnut and grated Comté cake
Smoke salmon tartines
Cheesy minty courgette bites
Smoked trout and avocado verrines
Velvety vegan carrot and garlic soup
Black olive, caper and anchovy tapenade
Lentil, smoked salmon and sheep milk cheese salad
Grilled cuttlefish with Espelette pepper
Anchovy pissaladière
Sea bream tartar with chorizo, crispy apple and fennel
Scallop gratin
Sea bream fillet with tomatoes and capers
Mussels cassolettes
Roquefort oyster gratin
Seafood cassolettes
Rosemary and lemon scallop skewers
Salmon and smoked bacon bites on a bed of courgette rings
Beef tartar
Ginger chicken and lemon confit tajine
Lamb tajine with sultanas and honey
Curried pork stir fry
Tandoori chicken
Périgord-style salad
Chicken, kiwi and coriander salad
Lemon chicken
Mango chicken with soy sauce
Rabbit with onions
Caramel pork
Lebanese lamb kefta kebabs with mint and cumin
Duck pie
Couscous royale
Duck breast and prune cake
Filet mignon in puff pastry
Roasted duck
Breaded chicken burger
Bruschetta a la española
Quail with nut stuffing and sweet potato purée
Ground beef burgers with aubergine and avocado sauce
Stewed veal with mustard
Curried courgette soup
Beaufort cheese
Camembert cheese
Fresh goats cheese
Comté cheese
Gouda cheese
Pélardon cheese
Roquefort cheese
Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine cheese
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