Carrot risotto


  • Risotto rice
  • 1 large carrot or 1.5 normal-sized ones
  • White wine
  • Butter
  • 50cl of water + 1 cube of stock
  • 1/4 on an onion


  • Cut the carrot(s) into small cubes.
  • Finely mince the onions.
  • In a pan melt a nob of butter and then cook the onions till golden (5-7 minutes). Now add the carrots in and mix well. Poor the white wine on top and let the carrots absorb the liquid. Add the rice and season.
  • In a pot boil the water with the cube of stock, then pour this mix onto the carrot and rice mixture. Make up to height and then cover. Leave to stand for a bit, stirring from time to time, then repeat this operation until all of the stock has been used up.

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